Solo Product Image of Primal Future's Cricket Corn Chips Marlborough Sea Salt Flavour Packaging
 Primal Future's Cricket Corn Chips with a sprinkling of Marlborough Sea Salt around and on the chips

Marlborough Sea Salt Cricket Corn Chips

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Primal Future's Cricket Corn Chips are a higher protein corn chip that incorporates cricket powder; a sustainable protein alternative made from insects which have been hailed as the protein of the future. Our chips are an inviting way to help introduce and normalise the idea of eating insects.

Our Cricket Corn Chips boast a 4.5 health star rating and the equivalent protein of eating two and a half eggs per packet making it a sustainable source of protein and fibre. This classic flavour Marlborough Sea Salt is lightly sprinkled with Sea Salt from the Marlborough region in New Zealand, grab a bag today and taste the future.


Wholegrain NZ Corn, Sunflower Oil, Cricket Powder (Acheta Domesticus) (5.8%), Chia, Seasoning (Marlborough Sea Salt, Mineral Salt (508)), Pea Protein.

Individuals with a crustacean shellfish allergy may also be allergic to crickets.